Welcome to the Society of Lust

Within these pages, you will find your gateway to the Trinity-verse, a world full of love, passion, and secret desires.

Depending on your heart’s cravings, you can follow a path of pure romantic passion or lustful desires of your lewdest dreams.

What is the Trinity-verse?

Trinity is foremost a big metropolitan city on a vast island in the Atlantic of the earth of the Trinity-verse. The island itself is a sovereign state and lies in the tropical zone somewhere far of the coastline of Brazil.

Fact is that the Trinity-verse itself derives its name from this city which plays a significant role in it.

Most stories will play within Trinity or the immediate vicinity.

The Trinity

We work on three separate but interwoven projects.

That does not mean we are doing three completely different games. Instead, we offer you a trinity of projects to immerse yourself in the Trinity-verse.

Okay, that sounds a bit boastful, but it is the truth.

This trinity of projects consists of SoLGames, Lewd Stories of Trinity and My Life with Laura.


My Life with Laura is our main game and is a significantly enhanced version of the original game by Grabiobot, which is called A very small business, or AVSB for short, with more text, more mechanics, more freedom, more sex, and, of course, many more lewd renders.

The protagonist of My Life with Laura is a young man, who recently bought together with his girlfriend a house within the old residential area of the city of Trinity.

His girlfriend is called Laura and is the love of his life since they met at university.

Although our protagonist had been a womanizer before they met and he is still a voyeur who cannot resist looking at beautiful women, he has always been faithful to her since they have become a couple.

Recently they had a big quarrel and Laura is still pissed at him because he quit his fair paid job to open up an online sales business from home for party supplies.

After building up this business from the scratch and finally managing to earn money with it, his priority is now to save his relationship with Laura before it is too late.

However, tempting women begin to appear all around him, and so the question is, will he remain faithful to her, or is there even another alternative?


SoLGames is a collection of mini-games done with the improved game engine. Besides the fun purposes, they are developed for testing the engine and for catching feedback from you, before we implement these features into our main game.


Lewd Stories of Trinity is an anthology of erotic stories. It is a collection ground for side stories of our main game, or any story that does not fit within it, but plays within the Trinity-verse and offers lore about it.


Important Note:

As we thrive for a high quality, all our projects are for the time being done-when-they-are-done releases.